Double Citra IPA by The Kernel

Evening of June 3, 2013


Double Citra IPA by the Kernel

I have beheld the face of God and am forever changed!

This small, unassuming (think humble holy grail in Indiana Jones and the HG) brown bottle holds a beautiful beautiful thing. Probably the finest British American-style IPA I have tasted (though still need to give Hardknott’s Azimuth a proper going over).

The aromas and flavours are complex and many: citrus of course – grapefruit, orange, lemon especially in flavour – and then grass, sweet bread, floral notes with some spice. Sweetness, almost candy sweet. It’s a spring meadow not a beer! Oh Kernel Brewery you are a saucy one.

But the thing that makes this a beery meal fit for kings is the big, bold mouthfeel that is currently laying claim to my whole palate. It’s thick and lasting, a big, wet hoppy kiss in Gregg-Wallace-pudding-parlance. It’s so smooth and creamy, the 9.7% helping me sink nicely into my evening chair but not impinging on taste. It’s a stonker, a fantastic beer that I will buy on sight hopefully for years to come.

4.5 / 5. Top of the 99 Bottles charts thus far.


david on June 4, 2013
Can I send you a bottle? How does that work?
CM on June 4, 2013
Jealous. I need to figure out a way to try this. Enticing write-up, for sure.

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