IPA 13 by Wiper and True

Evening of June 6, 2013

IPA 13 by Wiper and True

13 hops for 2013. Nice. High anticipation for this – one of Bristol’s newest breweries – and I’ve had previous from Wiper and True that I rather enjoyed. Not perfect, but interesting.

One of my tasting notes for this one was “Something not right?”. Not a great start. Frea’s first reaction – without knowing mine – was almost exactly the same. However, I got over it. I’m a novice so I could certainly have used a well-versed tasting partner on this one as I’m sure I was missing some key elements.

Flavour was very grassy, large and full in the mouth which I liked. Very bitter. Floral, spicy and herby, not much citrus going on. There was an earthy flavour in there I was trying to pin down when Frea suggested dandelion and I knew that was it: We’d just been introducing the girls to dandelion milk a couple of days before.

This beer gets better as it’s consumed. It’s pretty complex, and vexed me somewhat. My score may be a little low because the flavours weren’t so much to my taste, but I think there’s something here for fans of herby, earthier IPAs.

2.5 / 5


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