Morning of May 24, 2018

Spring 2018 has been wonderful. It has been underpinned by an episode of On Being with Christian Wiman and defined by poetry, reading, walks with the dog, and the self-denial of a phone screen.

On Being and Wiman reintroduced poetry to my life: I listened to an episode with Michael Longley and reread some Heaney. I finally got around to reading Gary Snyder’s The Present Moment during my morning coffee at home, before taking the dog out. I bought Wiman’s meditation on faith My Bright Abyss and his remarkable selection of poems Every Riven Thing.

I read The Goshawk and The Peregrine and found a quiet route for the dog walk, enjoying spring coming in along the same path each walk. I have written poems again, taken notes on the landscape and even tried some tree identification. Denying myself screen time with my phone has enabled almost all of this to happen. I can hardly believe how much time used to be devoted to glancing at my phone.

Spring 2018 has been slow in the best of ways. I have reopened my mind to thinking about faith, if not yet my heart. Christian Wiman describes faith as a “movement towards the world”. Spring 2018 has felt like a movement towards myself – reconnecting with what has been before, and what is foundational in me.

Next week A and I go to the Lake District to camp and I look forward to spending time with my mind and energy on her, in the company of hills and lakes.

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