Setting up

Afternoon of October 20, 2016

“Then, as ever, she turns to a folk song for solace. “A lot of people criticise folk songs,” she relates, “because so many of them start with ‘As I walked out one May morning’, and they think, ‘Oh, here we go again’. But all it’s doing is, it’s setting up a song, setting up a song like a fairy story says once upon a time. And you know May mornings are perfectly lovely to me so I never minded that. But what I do say is, you know, when you’re out on this walk you might meet a lover, or an old lover, returning from fighting abroad for seven long years, you might meet a seducer, you might meet the devil, who you could outwit, or you might meet death, who you couldn’t. And I just loved that thought. You know, that it’s everything, that it’s all inevitable eventually, you know, and that it’s so wonderful.”

Shirley Collins from Wire, November 2016

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