Are you feeling it?

Morning of March 31, 2020

Are you feeling this grief too?
An elegy for our past lives
Of a few short weeks ago?

Are you feeling this excitement?
Possible lessons learned,
Life slowed, new economies?

Are you feeling this nervous energy?
The door to door pacing, picking
up a book putting it down again?

Are you feeling alone, too much together?
Are you stocked up on pet food?
Do you have enough coffee?

Are you feeling the sun, rain, wind
In the minutes you might steal outside?
Are you not loving them all now equally?

Are you mailing cards? Video calling neighbours?
Can you work from home, order online?
Do you even ever stop working at all?

Are you feeling the sadness beyond the door?
Are you living with sadness in the room beside you?
Are you there? Are you feeling it? Can you breathe?

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Are you feeling it? Poems