Some formative reading from the last couple of years, likely referenced in places on this blog.

Ask the Fellows Who Cut the Hay, George Ewart Evans
Wilding, Isabella Tree
Meadowland, John Lewis-Stempel
The World Ending Fire, Wendell Berry
The Peace of Wild Things, Wendell Berry
New and Selected Poems Volume II, Mary Oliver
A Thousand Mornings, Mary Oliver
Once in the West, Christian Wiman
Riddley Walker, Russell Hoban
Canticle for Leibowitz, Walter M. Miller Jr.
The Living Mountain, Nan Shepherd
The Old Ways, Robert MacFarlane
Nature, Ralph Waldo Emerson
All in the Downs, Shirley Collins
Hammer is the Prayer, Christian Wiman
Collected Poems, Michael Longley
Every Riven Thing, Christian Wiman
The Peregrine, JA Baker
The Goshawk, TH White
My Bright Abyss, Christian Wiman
This Present Moment, Gary Snyder